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Keeping on top of your finances can be a challenge at the best of times. With the Bank of America app, you can transform the way you manage your money and finances, with full access to advanced banking features at just the touch of a button.

Save time in branches, and enjoy total management of funds and account activity from your preferred mobile device. Whether you're paying back a friend, paying the rent or just keeping an eye on your account balance, you'll get up an up to date and accurate snapshot of everything that's going.

You send money to just about anyone with the Bank of America app. Enjoy total peace of mind when you transfer funds online, with the strictest protocols to ensure your details and data are safe, every time.

It's incredibly easy to send payments, all you'll need is an email address or mobile number, and you're good to go. Save time and hassle of visiting a branch and dealing over the counter, and manage your own transfers with ease with just a few simple steps.

You can set up new payments and schedules quickly and easily with the Bank of America app. Perfect if you've been struggling to keep on top of things, this banking app lets you get a overall view of your finances, and keep tight lock on your spends when you're looking to save. You can sift through current accounts, savings and credit balances with ease, and transfer money internally to manage your payments and outgoings without missing a deadline. If you've been paid by check, simply take a snapshot with your smartphone's camera and you can deposit them directly from your mobile device, saving you another trip to the bank when you don't have the time.

Customers can enjoy full access to their account balances and details, and set up additional sign in measures and security controls to keep their mobile banking as safe as possible.

It's possible to set up Fingerprint ID for total peace of mind, with additional SafePass protocols for when you're dealing with larger sums of money. If you're simply looking for the nearest branch or ATM, this app can point you in the right direction, using your GPS position to provide you with a list of the nearest banking branches.

Bank of America


Bank of America 6.4.8

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